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Desktop , Laptop & BGA Support

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Desktop , Laptop & BGA Support

Desktop Support Services

Desktop support services work as a help desk for business. They deal with office equipment and end users to provide unlimited service. This includes hardware break-fix support as well as some technical guidance and limited support.

It’s designed to support and fix software and hardware related issues on the computers of the individual in the organization. Those in charge of desk support services will work to install monitor stands and monitors, unpack equipment and recording serial numbers for tracking, install new user desktop systems and ensure workers have the tech they need.

Desktop support services also focus on removing old hardware for recycling and install software image on desktops while focusing on reimaging of desktops, too.

Laptop Support Services

Laptop support services work as similarly to desk support services, except that the needs are ever so slightly different. They still work as a helpdesk for businesses, but they deal with the installation and implementation of laptop docking stations and performing software upgrades.

Old hardware is disposed of by the laptop support service team, and they focus on the installation of new monitors and installation of software image on laptops. They work on reimaging on laptops while troubleshooting all software-related issues.

Laptop support services also operate on break-fix support. You will get the help of knowledgeable support staff who can assist thoroughly on the new laptop set up and installation of software on the laptops.

BGA Services

BGA rework – play a critical role in printed circuit board repair and modification. As their names imply, rework stations are spaces where technicians can alter surface-mounted devices and circuit boards with ball grid array (BGA) packaging. This is useful for several refinishing and repairing applications, including removing defective components, replacing missing components, reversing components that were installed incorrectly, and more.

Many short-run or low-volume production operations also use BGA rework stations. Depending on the task and the system, they may offer partial automation capabilities, with or without the use of a connected PC.

All machines come fully self contained with their own internal air and vacuum unless otherwise specified.

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