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Our Monitoring Services

At White Apple, we understand that when the critical device on your network goes down, the revenue loss will affect your entire industry and your bottom line.

Our remote monitoring services allow us to monitor your network infrastructure Active and to predict, recognize, and fix problems when they arise, quickly and efficiently.

White Apple will be able to predict and prevent downtime by receiving daily status reports from your organization’s systems. In addition, we will receive instant notifications of any issues or necessary repairs that have been identified during the diagnosis. These status updates will allow White Apple to ensure that your organization has maximum uptime.

  • A simple remote monitoring system for managing IT infrastructure, providing user support, performing routine upgrades, etc. without any hassle Increased productivity and reduced downtimes especially for organizations located at multiple locations by providing dedicated, centralized support for all your requirements.
  • Highly scalable practices that ensure rapid IT deployment, highly cost-effective business practices.
  • Increased security with the help of continuous backdoor patching, regular updates for software and websites, foolproof server maintenance and remote backups whenever required Improved employee and customer interaction owing to stable and well managed IT infrastructure
  • Dedicated Technical Specialist Team
  • Active Support

Our Advantages

Asset Tracking

It is important that you have a clear view of every machine on your network, including an inventory of installed software, authorized users, and configured hardware. We provide Asset Tracking to simplify the change management process and help you make software upgrades and hardware resets more efficient.

Network And Server Monitoring

Proactive monitoring that Sureworks promotes helps ensure that all your servers and network devices operate at peak performance, 100% of the time. In addition, it allows IT issues to be addressed without disrupting end-users and automates corrective actions to minimize downtime.

Patch Management

With so many third-party programs to install, track, and update, your risk of system performance issues is significantly increased if you do not have an efficient solution in place to automate the process. Our patch management service helps keep software secure and up-to-date with regular updates and automated scanning.

Less Downtime

We make sure your prospects know that remote monitoring and management clients experience less IT downtime. RMM allows you to monitor for signs of imminent failures or failures and prevent snowballing from occurring during the work stoppage.

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